Gaining business confidence.

Following on from my last post, one of the most important factors to tie all those tips together is having the confidence. Business confidence I call it. Believing in yourself and having the confidence to take the risks you need to take, is fundamentally the most important factor in being successful.

Now, when I talk about business confidence, I am not referring to confidence in markets but in confidence in yourself within business environments. Here is a great article that tells you all about why it is important to have confidence when being a business owner. It is well worth a read!

You will notice a big change in your productivity and success when you finally hit the point of being truly confident you can make it. Just keep working on your confidence and you will get there. The thing that really helped me was positive imagery. Often when you doubt yourself, you create a negative image in the future which hasn’t happened or is true reality and then believe this image. Positive imagery changes all this by reframing that image and thinking about the other side of the coin, what would it look like if everything went the way I would want it to?

Then you imagine this positive successful image of yourself and you have reframed your mind to think more optimistically and therefore have more confidence you can achieve what you set out to achieve. I really recommended reading as much as possible about reframing the mind into a more optimistic mindset, it is really key to be optimistic in business. Look around the internet and make sure to read reputable articles, here is an example of one I absolutely love on how to become more confident.

Be careful what you read as there are a lot of fake business gurus out there. If you have doubts, please just get in touch with me and I will help point you in the right direction but for now I hope this article is a good starting point.

Remember it takes time, you will not change to a confident business owner overnight if currently you are fairly pessimistic and nervous. But, know that it can be done. I can speak from experience here.

Until next time!